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S.A.CAL. S.p.A - Management Company of the airports of Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria and Crotone- is a company with prevalently public capital, holder of the forty-year ENAC concession for the management of the airport of Lamezia Terme and the thirty-year concession for the airports "Tito Minniti" of Reggio Calabria and "Sant'Anna" of Crotone.


S.A.CAL. S.p.A., as part of its management and development actvies of the Calabrian Airport System, has as its main objecve to simulate the development of scheduled passenger air traffic at the airports of Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria and Crotone, consistently with the characteristics of the Calabrian market and airport infrastructures, to increase the number of air connections by improving connectivity and contributing to the economic growth of the territory.


These actions consist mainly in the search for carriers capable of guaranteeing both new direct connections and connections to hubs, so as to expand the range of destinations that can be reached from Calabrian airports.


To this end, S.A.CAL. S.p.A. has adopted an incentive policy, the entity of which will vary depending on the air services that carriers will perform on Calabrian airports and the strategic nature of the same for the airport of reference and for the territory, with particular reference to the current context in continuous evolution following the world economic crisis that requires the adoption of challenging measures for the reconstruction of pre-Covid traffic levels.

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S.A.CAL. S.p.A – Società di gestione degli aeroporti di Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria e Crotone- è una Società a prevalente capitale pubblico, titolare della concessione quarantennale ENAC per la gestione […]

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